Freelance electronic technology development

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Focus Areas

Explore key areas to help kickstart your product development

Concept design

Develop concepts to solve specified problems, including high level product requirement capture, workshop/brainstorm, analysis and ranking of concepts

First part of the design process

Proof of principle

Technology de-risking and rapid prototyping to bring concepts to life. High fidelity demonstration units suitable for executive demos

Get stakeholder buy-in through demonstration

System design and modeling

Engineering requirements capture, engineering specification development and architecture/block diagram development

Key step prior to entering the design process

Product design

Develop schematics and layout for your product within industrial/product design constraints

Circuit design bridging concept and product

Competitor benchmarking and roadmapping

Analyze and benchmark competitor products against your existing product or product idea. Develop roadmaps for technology implementation based on time, cost and risk

Find out how your product can be improved to be best in class

Cost reduction

Analyze your existing product to determine key areas for cost down. Includes analysis of requirements, specifications and subsystems to identify key areas for cost reduction

Maximize product profit

Design and circuit review

Ensure the circuit designs are well crafted and fit for purpose. Comprehensive design reviews can save time and money by minimizing board re-spins.

Minimize risk during product development


Explore a few areas of technical expertise

Analog and RF

Design, simulate, build and test discrete analog and RF circuits for low power, high speed and high performance systems


Design and implement connectivity solutions tailored to your product, whether it be wireless or wired. For example WIFI, BTLE, LoRa, Cellular, ethernet or USB


Design and develop high speed digital systems using state of the art FPGAs/SoCs. For example multi-mega pixel camera systems and high performace ML applications

Embedded systems and software

Develop all aspects of embedded systems including hardware and software co-design. Provide advice and selection of suitable hardware based on product requirements

Edge ML

Add edge ML inference engines to your next product using networks developed and optimized for resource constrained devices

Modeling and simulation

Develop system models to better understand your product and gain insight into physical properties and how they can be optimized


Add sensing capability to your product including optical/camera, environmental, inductive, capacitive or a proprietary technology


Freelance electronics/embedded systems engineer with 20+ years of experience in product development

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